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You don't have to know how to unclog a drain or fix a busted pipe. That's what Guaranteed Service is here for. We provide professional plumbing services in Sergeantsville, NJ and the surrounding area. Our licensed and experienced plumbers can restore your damaged or faulty plumbing system. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you'll feel confident choosing us for the job.

Turn to our pros when you have plumbing problems. Get in touch with us today to schedule plumbing services.

What can we do for you?

Our team can do all kinds of plumbing jobs. You can hire us for:

  • Drain cleaning services – say goodbye to stubborn clogs
  • Leak detection services – identify minor leaks before they get worse
  • Broken pipe repair services – fix your busted pipe efficiently
  • Sewer services – remove clogs or troubleshoot issues with your sewer line
  • Water heater services – repair or replace your water heater that’s on the fritz

No matter the job, you can expect us to go above and beyond to do it right the first time. Set up an appointment with one of our plumbers today.

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