Clogged Sewer Line? We'll Clean It Out.

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If you have a recurring clog that store-bought drain cleaners can't touch, call Guaranteed Service. We offer hydrojetting services in Quakertown, NJ. Hydrojetting is a professional drain cleaning technique that uses water to clear out everything - from grease buildup to tree roots - in your sewer line.

Find out if hydrojetting can eliminate your clog by calling 732-242-7480 today.

Say goodbye to that annoying drip

Even a tiny leak can cause massive problems. Fortunately, Guaranteed Service provides leak detection and pipe repair services throughout the Quakertown, NJ area. We'll locate the source of that drip and then fix the pipe or fitting that caused it.

While we're there, ask us about upgrading your traditional water heater to a tankless unit. We also offer water heater repairs.

Don't wait for a small problem to become a huge headache. Set up leak detection services right away.

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