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Has a stubborn clog got you stumped? Turn to Guaranteed Service for drain cleaning and hydrojetting services in Neshanic Station, NJ. First, we'll locate the blockage. Then, depending on where it is, we'll use professional drain cleaning methods or hydrojetting. You won't have to worry about the clog reappearing when you trust the area's top plumbing service professionals.

Do you need other plumbing services? We also provide leak detection, pipe repair and water heater replacements in Neshanic Station, NJ.

Get rid of that clog today by calling 732-242-7480.

You can also trust us for leak detection and pipe repairs

Don’t let a leak keep you up at night. Reach out to Guaranteed Service for…

  • Leak detection: Water tends to travel along the outside of a pipe before it finally drips down. Our professionals will find the source of the leak.
  • Pipe repairs: Once we’ve located the leak, we’ll get to work fixing your damaged pipe or fitting to stop the leak for good.

Whether the damaged pipe is right under your sink or underground, we can find and diagnose the problem. You can also count on us to upgrade your plumbing system with a tankless water heater. Don’t wait another day – get help from Guaranteed Service in Neshanic Station, NJ right away.

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