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Ongoing electrical problems are both frustrating and expensive, so get to the source of the problem fast. Turn to Guaranteed Service for emergency electrical services in Island Heights, NJ. We'll troubleshoot your electrical system to pinpoint the issue and then provide the necessary repairs to keep your home running smoothly. We can even prevent future problems with panel upgrades, generator hookups and surge protection installation.

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Do you need electrical work?

Flickering lights and charred electrical outlets are surefire ways to tell something is wrong with your electrical system. But those aren't the only things to look out for. We suggest scheduling electrical services with our pros when...

  • Your circuit breakers keep tripping
  • Your power goes out regularly
  • Your light switches don't work

Count on us for affordable electrical services in Island Heights, NJ. Call 732-242-7480 today to schedule a consultation with our local electrician.

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