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Ongoing electrical issues are not only frustrating and expensive, but they can also be dangerous. If you're experiencing problems with the lighting outlets, switches or circuit breakers in your home, call Guaranteed Service right away. We can provide the electrical services you need in Belmar, NJ. If we can't repair the problem, we'll provide full rewiring and replacement services to ensure your home is safe and reliable.

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Time for a panel upgrade?

If your home still runs on a fuse box, it's time to upgrade. Guaranteed Service can install a new circuit breaker panel to power your home more efficiently.

Consider an electrical panel upgrade when...

  • Circuits keep tripping and need to be reset
  • Installing new smart home devices or appliances
  • The panel is overloaded and your lights flicker

It's also a good idea to replace panels after 15-20 years. Speak with our experts today to plan your electrical panel upgrade in Belmar, NJ.

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